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About Us

Councils and Committees

Infrastructure Council

  • Infrastructure Council Committee
    Chair: Greg Gerstenhaber

  • Aesthetics/Art Committee
    Co-Chairs: Bruce Bernbaum and Nancy Israel
  • Cemetery Committee
    Chair: Julie Bleicher
  • House, Grounds and Security Committee
    Chair: David Friedman
  • Facilities Committee
    Chair: Randy Ratner

  • Information Technology Committee
    Chair: Jon Karp


Adult Learning Council

  • Adult Learning and Culture Committee
    Chair: Ladd Hirsch
  • Cinema Emanu-El Committee
    Co-Chairs: David Danish and David Zimmerman
  • Jewish Resource Center Committee
  • Music, Arts and Culture Committee
    Chair: Judi Schecter
  • Ongoing Learning Opportunities Committee
    Chair: Robin Kosberg
  • Lectures/Scholars-in-Residence Committee
    Chair: Linda Sheff

Congregational Engagement Council

  • Planning Committee
    Chair: Chris Cheniae

Demographic Engagement Council

  • College Committee
  • LGBTQ Committee
  • Older Adults Committee
    Co-Chairs: Robyn Galerston and Jacquie Schwitzer
  • Sukkat Shalom Committee
    Co-Chairs: Lori Gerard and Phyliss Stoup

Engagement and Development Council

  • Communications Committee
  • Leadership Engagement Committee
  • Sh'ma Emanu-El Leadership Team
  • Chair: Barbara Hyman
  • Young Adults (Atid) Committee

Financial Oversight Council

  • Annual Campaign Committee
    Chair: Mary Lee Broder
  • Audit Committee
    Chair: Perry Kaufman
  • Budget Committee
    Chair: Josh Kahn
  • Development Committee
    Chair: Debbie Andres

  • Financial Oversight Committee
    Chair: Julie Weinberg

Hospitality and Welcoming Council

  • Holiday Celebrations Committee
  • New Member Integration Committee
    Co-Chairs: Harold Kolni and Alyssa Fiedleman
  • Public and Prospective Members Committee
    Co-Chairs: Risa Gross and Liz Tramer
  • Shabbat Hospitality Committee

Social Justice Council

  • Social Justice Council Committee
    Chair: Bob Krakow

  • Social Justice Advocacy
    Chairs: Alice Barnett and Larry Ginsburg
  • Social Justice Community Garden
    Co-Chairs: Deidre Cizon and Wendy Leanse
  • Social Justice Just Congregations
    Chair: Peter Lando
  • Social Justice Service Projects
    Co-Chairs: Stacey Butler and Sally Rosenberg
  • Social Justice Vickery Meadow
    Co-Chairs: Cheryl Pollman and Nancy Lubar

Youth Council

  • Youth Council Committee
    Chair: Sara Gail

  • ECEC Steering Committee
    Chair: Rachel Wilson
  • Youth Learning and Engagement Committee
    Co-Chairs: Lauryn Bloom and Sarah Kaplan